MacWorks Plus II / PFG (was: new Lisa owner questions)

From: James MacPhail <uo957_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 00:29:15 -0700

>>You can only run Macintosh System 7 with MacWorks Plus II. If you have
>>MacWorks Plus II, there will be a small daughterboard on your I/O board

>the clips on the two wires connected to this board had become detatched

There is a 74LS132 at location 6A of the I/O board. Pin 1 is at the top left corner, closest to the red ejector latch. Pins 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 are sequentially numbered down from pin 1.

The black clip from the PFG goes to pin 1 (one). The red clip from the PFG goes to pin 5 (five).

These control the reading of data from the floppy disk, so that the MacWorks Plus II can read 800k disks made on Mac II and later machines. Without the PFG, there are many 800k disks that can't be read by the Lisa I/O board.

>My Lisa (Mac XL) has an internal hard disk drive with MacWorks Plus II
>installed on it. I would like to put the Lisa Office System on it, but I
>don't want to lose the MacWorks Plus. There's plenty of room on the hard
>drive. How can I make my Lisa a dual-boot system? Could you post
>instructions, James, or point me towards the information?

Since you have a PFG, you almost certainly have an 800k floppy drive. To install the Lisa Office System, you will need to swap in a 400k drive and change the ROM on the I/O board. You might also need to change chips on the CPU board if your Lisa has the screen modification kit installed.

Although you can put the Lisa Office System and MacWorks XL on one hard disk, I don't think you can put MacWorks Plus/II on a hard disk with the LOS. When you initialize a parallel port hard disk with the MacWorks XL installer, it offers to partition the disk to share it with the LOS.

As for copying MacWorks Plus II off the hard disk onto a floppy, I don't think that is possible with available tools. You should get a replacement set of MacWorks Plus II boot/install floppies. You should be able to get them from Sun Remarketing in Utah, or Dafax Processing Corp. in NY.


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