Notes from Ms List-Manners

From: Dan Knight <dknight_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 17:23:12 -0500

Assorted notes from Dan the listmom:
  1. Please familiarize yourself with list netiquette, as posted at <>
  2. Please be careful not to quote *too much* of the original message when replying to the list -- especially the header and/or footer. You will get a note from me each and every time you do so. Learn to quote just the part you're replying to.
  3. Please don't post your question to several mailing lists. Pick the one most likely to know the answer and start there. If they can't help, try another list. Seeing the "D*** Spam" thread on three or four lists simply isn't necessary.
  4. Just a reminder that we have over two-dozen lists. Maybe a different one will better meet your needs or supplement the ones you're already receiving. Details at <>
  5. Never post software serial numbers on any list. We do not want to get shut down by the software cops.
  6. Know when to post to the list and when to send a private message. Except for the LEM-Swap list, hitting reply to a posting will reply to the list. LEM-Swap is just the opposite.
  7. Items for sale should *generally* be posted to the LEM-Swap list. Exceptions: Apple II, Lisa, Newton, items in Canada, UK, and Down Under.

That said, we're helping our local dealer clear out some old gear. If you'd be interested in a Quadra 700
<> or a PowerPC upgrade card for a Quadra, please contact me off the list.

8. For better or worse, we don't filter postings to the list. The list software doesn't allow it. The list server will bounce styled text and postings from nonsubscribed addresses, but it won't filter based on content. If you receive a message about "content filtering," it's from a subscriber's email service, not the list server.

9. Never send unsubscribe or "get me off this list" requests to the list. Each message and each digest contains an email address specifically for unsubscribing. Each also says to contact <listmom_at_email.domain.hidden> if you have subscription problems. Please do that; use of any other email address may greatly delay handling your request.

  1. The list server cannot change your subscribed address. If you wish to change your email address, you must subscribe from the new address and unsubscribe from the old address. In a pinch, email <listmom_at_email.domain.hidden> for help.

Dan Knight, publisher, Low End Mac <>

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