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The other lists

iMac-List is the oldest iMac list, has 363 members, and averages 17 messages/1 digest per day.

LEM-Swap is our list for buying and selling Mac-related goods. The list has 555 subscribers and averages 17 postings/1 digest per day.

LowEndMac is our general interest list -- and also the place to discuss the Low End Mac site itself. The list has 196 members and very light traffic.

Mac-N-DOS covers software emulators (such as VirtualPC) and hardware solutions (such as the old Mac DOS cards). The list has 107 members and very little traffic.

Mac-Webmasters is for any webmaster who uses a Mac. The list has 164 members and light traffic.

MacHomeSchool is for home schoolers who use Macs. The list has 77 members and very light traffic.

MacInSchool is for advocates of Mac in our schools. The list has 50 members and very little traffic.

Macintel is for those who run Mac emulators on PCs. The list has 55 members and almost no traffic. (If that doesn't change, I'll probably merge the list with Mac-N-DOS.)

MacNetwork covers all aspects of Macintosh networking. The list has 284 members and averages 3 postings/1 digest per day.

MaX-list covers Unix & Linux on Macintosh hardware. This includes the various BSD Unixes as well as Mac OS X. MaX has 123 members and very little traffic.

Information on all these lists available through

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