Lisa 2/5 rejuvenation

From: Phil Beesley <beesley_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2003 23:16:43 +0100

I'm trying to bring two Lisa 2/5s back to life. As well as the system boxes, I have spare boards, some of which are new old stock and thus presumed working.

Lisa A: Purchased a couple of years ago with a Profile drive. It has the square pixel screen modification kit fitted. The battery had been removed from the IO card but there were already signs of damage (ie pits on tracks, hardened solder joints). This Lisa worked briefly after being transported home but started to cut out after a few minutes and now completely refuses to start. There are no startup signals and the power light does not come on. It has been tested with a couple of PSUs and my guess is that there is a problem with the IO card.

Note that all boards have been removed, cleaned in white vinegar to neutralize battery leakage emission and then washed in de-ionized water. I also partially lifted and re-seated all socketed chips.

Lisa B: Purchased recently as "non-working". It is a stock 2/5 with no Profile. The battery was present and leaking. Visible pitting on the IO board was less than with Lisa A but there was also some corrosion around Lisa B's motherboard -- on the metal L-brackets for securing D connectors to the motherboard, for example. Lisa B's motherboard itself looks to be in good condition.

After cleaning the boards and being allowed to dry out for a week, Lisa B *almost* started. With no mouse and keyboard present, startup beeps were sounded. I then tried plugging in a known working mouse, keyboard and the Profile from Lisa A. Bootup proceeded as far as the screen for selecting a startup device. I was able to navigate through the startup device selection screen using the keyboard but the mouse did not work. Lisa B refused to boot from the Profile that had worked a couple of years previously on Lisa A. I created a 400K Lisa boot disk and tried booting from that instead. Lisa B hung when trying to boot from floppy and I was forced to remove the power cord to switch it off. On the next attempt to boot, Lisa B made no click for recognising the mouse/kb and displayed garbage on screen -- two(?) lines of alternating black and white rectangles, roughly 3mm high * 12mm wide with a regular grey desktop pattern across the rest of the screen except for a very small shimmering line in the lower left hand corner.

Progress so far:
-- I have tried the motherboard and other boards from Lisa B in Lisa A and in Lisa B -- no startup click and screen garbage in both cases. -- I have tried the CPU board from Lisa A (screen mod ROMs) on the Lisa B motherboard in Lisa A and Lisa B -- no startup click and screen garbage in both cases, slightly different shapes of course. -- I have tried the boards from Lisa B on Lisa A's motherboard in Lisa A and Lisa B -- no startup click and screen garbage again.

(My conclusion from all of this is that the video circuitry in both Lisa A and B is OK.)

Any thoughts on what to try next?

I own a new 2/10 IO board. Will this work (ie boot enough for testing) on the 2/5 motherboard if I unplug the floppy drive?

Any tips on replacing the hardened solder on the 2/5 IO boards?

Are there any chips I should consider swapping?


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