Newbie widget trouble

From: Edward Coney <ejc23_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 17:03:17 +0100

When trying to boot from the widget on my Lisa 2/10 I get Error 82. Does anyone know what this means (apart from the reference in the TIL about bad profile-motherboard interaction on upgraded Lisa 1s)?

I have had the drive apart - it seems in great physical condition and I have adjusted the brake. It spins up nicely, and after the system self-tests the brake releases and it calibrates itself (fairly quietly) but then generates the error. Neither Lisa OS nor the Workshop can initialise the disk (they give the problem with internal drive message) and MacWorks XL hard disk install gives Error -96. I will try the MacWorks Plus installer when I find a copy, but could I be looking at a low level format?

Thanks, Ed

P.S. Has anyone ever heard of a Sheila Bell (I think) who was involved with/ran the Apple Lisa Users Group here in the UK about 10 years ago?

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