Re: PFG Lisa

From: macmoni <macmoni_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 20:13:36 +0200

Hi Phil,

this is very interesting:
> My goal is to install 7.1 onto a SCSI drive.
Well, I know Helmut did that approx 1 year ago with one of my Lisas and it works !
Mail him, he will support you for shure, if any problems...

But now to your problem:
> The problem now comes when attaching this drive to the Lisa and
> booting from MWII+ will cause an error when loading the second
> 'system' disk, and prompts for a restart.
You first load the Mac Emulation, then the disk is ejected and after you inserted the Systen disk the Sad Mac appears or the message window which informes you that you have to restart?

Sad Mac means e.g. to low memory for running this system: Try OS 4.1 or earlier or increase your Lisa's memory (Do you already have two mem-Boards installed?)
Or the (or one of two) mem-Boards are a little corrupted. Interchange them, if you have two... The Lisa tests the Boards before booting, but the tests are very simple and not every possible fault will be detected.

But first try to figure out, whether the system and finder is less than 200kB and 150kB, so use the oldest system you have. AND try this system disk with a Mac Plus by booting that computer; the disk could have a little damage, too
> Simply unplugging the drive will not cause this hang and the Lisa will
> boot fine.
Restart Window means similar as above, but also that there could be something additional loaded when booting the system, which causes this error. I had this, when booting a Lisa with an external SCSI drive plugged in. Too much for an old Lady like a Lisa is !
> My next step is to make sure the drive it is formatted correctly. Can
> I do this from within OS9? or does it need to be older?
It's not recommended to do this by using a PPC or Gx with OS 9 Do it with a Mac Plus, and there should be no problems with a Lisa running Mac OS
> Getting closer.

Step by Step

greetings TOM from Bavaria

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