Re: PFG Lisa

From: Dr. Helmut Post <helmut_post_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 00:10:46 +0200

Hi Phil,

congratulations- you have almost finished your work.

> My goal is to install 7.1 onto a SCSI drive.

Do you have a PFG with the MacWorks II+ PRO option? System 7.1 (or 7.5) will only run with the "PRO" option as far as I know. But you can run System 6.07 or 6.08 first- try to format your hard disk with system 6 first. If you don't like that, you can try System 7.0.1- that should also work with a lower level of the PFG.

Second problem: You need more than 1MB of total memory if you wish to install System 7.1 ! 4MB memory minimum are highly recommended! I have 10 MB total memory in my Lisa: 2 MB with a SUNREM 2 MB memory card and 8 MB in my Accelerator 18. I'm currently running System 7.1 Update 3.0 with no problems- even System 7.5 is working fine with the Lisa!

Do you have a 2MB Lisa memory card or an Accelerator 18 or 12 with extra memory?
You can build your own 2 MB memory expansion- James Mac Phail has described the necessary modification of an original 512KB memory board. You need 72 51256- (150 ns or faster) memory chips and a few extra chips to handle the extra address lines.

> I have the SCSI card, with no quickboot chip. (and of course the PFG)
If you have no QuickBoot, you must always start your Mac environment with your MacWorks II+ Floppy or you can install the Mac Works II + on a Profile or a Widget (or a SUN 20 hard disk)- the MacWorks II + installer automatically recognizes any connected parallel hard disk. After loading the MacWorksII+ environment, you can decide from which drive you like to boot- SCSI or parallel.

> I also have a SCSI HD (340mb) CONNER drive, that has an unknown
> format. Maybe it's Mac formatted, Maybe not.
> I don't (at present) have an external case to put the drive in to test.

How did you connect your Conner hard disk to the Lisa SCSI card? Have you properly terminated your Conner hard disk? Perhaps the hard disk has internal terminators- are they present?

> The problem now comes when attaching this drive to the Lisa and
> booting from MWII+ will cause an error when loading the second
> 'system' disk, and prompts for a restart.

What kind of error?
Do you get a "Sad Mac" ?
Which error code appears?

> Simply unplugging the drive will not cause this hang and the Lisa
> will boot fine.
Sounds like a termination problem.....

> My next step is to make sure the drive it is formatted correctly. Can
> I do this from within OS9? or does it need to be older?
The hard disk driver from OS 9 is too big (SCSI manager 4.3) for the Mac Plus ROM.... I have had some problems with OS9 formatted hard disks on my original Mac Plus.
And only HFS is supported by MacWorksII + Avoid HFS+ (first introduced with Mac OS 8.1)

I hope this helps you further,


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