Re: Taking apart Lisa - cleaning

From: Dr. Helmut Post <helmut_post_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 10:19:59 +0100

I have replaced all old electrolytic caps and the power surge caps in my Lisa- no more problems- and the Voltages are more stable than ever before. I have even exchanged all electrolytic caps in the video circuit- the picture is now much better- the slight jitter is gone. I'd recommend everyone to exchange all electrolytic caps inside the PSU and the Video circuit- it makes a big difference and protects the Lisa for the future.

> Well, that was certainly an interesting escapade. Apparently a power
> supply cap blew up sometime in the past, and there was crusted electrolyte
> all over the one side. Some cleaning of the chassis and case later, I
> got the Lisa booting up. However, it just appears as if the Widget is not
> present to the system, as it only shows the floppy for startup. The
> spins up and sounds normal, but I guess it isn't being seen by the
> Any suggestions or things to try to pinpoint this further?

I'd recommend to turn the voice coil actuator manually during the spin-up, self test procedure of the Widget.
Sometimes it helps....


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