Re: Help to fix a Lisa error 57

From: Patrick Symes <patrick_symes_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 16:18:20 -0500

Would It be ok if I send you guys some photo's of Lisa and the parts to determine if I have the right parts?

On Oct 19, 2006, at 5:48 AM, Ray Arachelian wrote:

> Patrick Symes wrote:
>> Also I forgot to tell that I also get a error 82 with the internal
>> hard drive (Drive doesn't answer).
>> Any ideas of the two issues?
> Yeah, sounds like something is loose. 82 means the same as 57, but in
> regards to the hard drive: a timeout. Error 82 means "Hard Drive
> Doesn't Answer."
> It's unlikely that both the floppy and the hard drive would have the
> same exact issue. So as James said, it's likely something is loose or
> in need of cleaning. What both of these have in common are: the I/O
> board and the mating connectors on the motherboard. Perhaps something
> is loose, or oxidized. Try cleaning the contacts as James suggested.
> If that doesn't work, let's try this line of thought:
> Also, may I ask about the I/O board, since you have an internal Widget
> hard disk, the answer is you probably have a Lisa 2/10, so this is
> likely to be no, but does your I/O board have a pack of batteries
> on it,
> or look like it had batteries that were removed? If yes, then can you
> look for any trace damage on the I/O board? Also, does your Lisa have
> an external parallel connector, or instead does it have an interrupt
> switch along with a reset switch?
> What I'm trying to determine is whether this really is a 2/10 or if
> it's
> been put together from non-matching parts. :-) If it's really a 2/10,
> the odds are that you can clean the cables and connectors and it will
> probably work. If it's not, and you're using a 2/10's I/O board, it
> might be difficult to get it working.
> The normal Lisa 2 I/O board should have ROM version A8. The 2/10's
> I/O
> board should have ROM version 88. So on power on, do you see in the
> upper right corner of the menu bar a letter such as "H" and then a few
> seconds later 88 or A8?
> (I ask because I have a Hacken-Lisa myself, that I couldn't fix
> until I
> used a normal Lisa 2 I/O board instead of the 2/10.)
> >

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