Re: Apple Lisa UK power supply

From: James MacPhail <gg__at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 15:36:14 -0700

>I will try and get my unit repaired

The Lisa PSUs are usually repairable with a minimal expenditure for parts (cost of labour depends on whomever does it, of course). If your local TV shop charges a lot for service, you might find another Lisa enthusiast nearby that can help.

Even so, it may be useful to watch eBay for a spare PSU. Especially if you don't have the 'better' DataPower version.

>You mention a Datapower replacement. I have looked on the internet for
>one of these but had no luck. Are they still available?

Perhaps I caused some confusion (again :-) The 1.8 Amp (at 120V) PSU _is_ the DataPower one. These were custom-made for Apple, so are only available used or refurbished.

For PSUs and other Lisa parts, I'd suggest eBay or <> I expect there are other sites that occasionally have some Lisa stuff.

>leaking NiCad batteries on the I/O board. Is it possible to re-solder the
>channels where it is damaged or would it be best to run small wires

In my opinon, that depends on the extent of damage. Beware that superficial removal of the corrosion won't halt its progress. For anything more than minor damage, I would cut out the affected parts of the traces plus a bit more, then add jumpers.

>what does the on off switch on the I/O board do

It disconnects the batteries. I believe it was intended for long-term storage to prevent the batteries from leaking, but it might also be used to disconnect the batteries if they are shorted and keeping the computer from working.

HTH, James

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