Re: Swapping Lisa components

From: VW <VanWitzenburg_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 17:08:41 -0700 (PDT)

Sorry, it's been a while since I checked back... I get distracted easily by digging up obscure software and dabbling with PDS and Nubus cards!
Wow, the schematics for the Lisa were on the dot! But finding pictures of the power supply is a different story....

I've made a glaring mistake, thanks for the correction... this is the PS board I'm talking about, not the motherboard. (I may have had a drink or two that evening)

I'll have to look inside again above the floppy bay, to see if that thing above it is a floppy controller or a 10M internal... if it's not a hard drive,
well, shucks. A do-it-yourself adapter looks like what I'm gonna have to do.

Thanks for the pointers on parts, I will check out the DigiKey site as well.

Anyone have a good suggestion for hosting pictures so I can be more specific/show my progress?
Does Gmail's "shared docs" feature possibly expose me too much in a security sense?

Thanks very much, I was surprised by the generous posts. I don't want to hijack the original guy's post, so here was what was my original thought;

Since everything was cleaned in my Lisa 2 ( I dusted it over thoroughly checking for possible capacitor residue) and it booted without a battery to a garbled screen,
and adjusting the video controls (with plastic instruments!!!) did not make it change significantly.. don't forget something while you're dickering with the insides... other than the CRT.

DO NOT LEAVE IT ON when you leave the room! I went to get a cup of coffee and returned to find the garage full of an electrical reek! It's how I pinpointed the component
that failed. So hopefully I haven't damaged any components...

On Feb 24, 4:24 pm, Ray Arachelian <r..._at_email.domain.hidden> wrote:
> VW wrote:
> > I've got a Lisa 2/5 with no external 5MB Widget with a faulty
> > component on the power supply motherboard. This little 1.5"x1.5"
> > blocky black thing with a yellow band on top that reeks like you
> > wouldn't believe. (Some cracking on the band is visible as well) Any

> > idea what component this is? If the modern equivalent is smaller, I
> > don't mind soldering wires to make up the distance... I haven't found
> > any Lisa board schematics explaining what components on the
> > motherboard are yet, but was hoping someone here knows?
> I think you're referring to a capacitor there.  You should replace it
> along with any of it's
> buddies, plus the two large cylindrical ones - at least those were the
> ones I've replaced.
> Some of those are special capacitors designed to work with A/C currents,
> so they'll be
> a bit more expensive.  Don't try to replace them with polarized ones
> unless you like seeing
> capacitors explode. :)  Try to get the same uF rating, but higher
> voltage/temperature to
> make them last longer.
> DigiKey has the right components.  I think I spent about $35 or so for
> the replacement
> caps for two power supplies, well worth the trouble.
> You can also add a small CPU fan to the power supply to help make it
> last longer.  One
> rated at 12V, but run it at 5 so it's quiet would work nicely, just be
> mindful of the vents
> and make sure the fan can blow the air out a vent when the PS is
> inserted back in.
> You can find lisa PS schematics here:
> > I'm hoping this is the only hurdle left, the monitor seems crisp but
> > there is a garbled video signal (hopefully from the underperforming
> > power supply). Everything looks great, even 2 memory boards installed.

> > I just can't afford $200 for a 1.8A Lisa power supply, and want to
> > solder/replace the equivalent on the board.
> Wavy lines are a sign of a bad PS (usually).
> The external HD is called a Profile.  They're either 5M or 10M.
> Internal drivers are only 10M Widgets.
> There is a modern replacement called the X/Profile.  Not cheap, but it
> works well and can use either modern IDE hard drives or CF media.
> There is also a do it yourself version if you're so inclined, called
> IDE::File.
> Since you don't have the external 5M Profile drive, you really have a
> Lisa 2 and not a 2/5. :-D
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