Re: Hello all!

From: Anthony G Beckett <anthony.beckett_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 16:33:39 +1000

Hello Marshall, Steven, Mark and the rest!

Thank you everybody for being so helpful! Its great to see there are plenty of people still around with these wonderful machines.

Mine must be similar to yours, as I *do* have the H/88 ROMS and the Mac screen looks wide, but definately not tall.

So you are saying, provided I get the floppy repaired, I should be able to run LisaOffice (that is if the disks are deserialized). I downloaded the images from - can anyone tell me if they are deserialized?



> My Lisa has H/88 ROMs (I believe) and no screen mods. You can tell if it
> *doesn't* have screen mods by the fact that the Mac OS looks very "tall"
> on the screen.
> I rescued it from running Mac System 4.2 (I think) and its been running
> Lisa OS 3.1 with all 7 apps for quite some time from the 10MB internal
> Widget. Fitting a 400k Mac drive is the cleanest way to got but look at
> the grey cables, often they are torn or puntured from mishandling (they
> are fragile) and you may have a wire snapped on one of them.
> You won't be able to install the Lisa OS unless you have "virgin" or
> "deserialized" (or the original!) disks.
> Marshall H.
> Fairfax, VA

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